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Safety Culture Assessment

Cultural assessment for an environmental services company

  • Client: Cory Environmental Services
  • Assignment: Assessment of safety culture
  • Venues: Two separate business units in the UK

Our task was to conduct and report back on a safety culture assessment in two separate operations. The first a municipal waste collection service carried out across an entire UK county. The second, a number of recycling transfer stations based in central London. PsychaLogica consultants spent time with members of the workforce observing them in action (on refuse collection vehicles and in the transfer stations), talking with them and conducting interviews with management. Reports were written to cover both business units and the main themes fed back through meetings with the contract management. From this, development plans have been formulated and actions pursued. This work is ongoing. For one of the contracts, PsychaLogica provided an initial safety leadership workshop for the management team. The plan is for more of this type of input.