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Sion Edwards
EHS Director – Consumer Healthcare Supply Chain

GSK asked PsychaLogica to conduct a review of the company’s ZAP process. This is a near miss reporting system that GSK has had in place for some years and the time was ready for a review. In particular, our need was to understand how the system was working, the value we were getting from the reports being produced, and how the process could be improved. PsychaLogica was selected to conduct this review given their forward-looking approach to safety improvement – we needed to gain some fresh perspectives. From the initial pilot based on one site in the UK the results produced achieved this. PsychaLogica’s report has had the effect of getting people to think differently about the issues involved and how we might further develop the process so as to get better value from it. The work conducted has proved interesting, thoughtful and, in particular, useful to us as we seek to further improve our approach to safety.