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The PsychaLogica approach…

PsychaLogica Values

  • Respect – deeply held respect for all those we work with, manifest in how we behave
  • Ethics – we will always promote and practice the highest ethical standards and expect those we work with to do likewise
  • Intimacy – always emphasising the need to get close to the customer, a highly personal and sensitive approach
  • Flexibility – work led by the needs / aspirations of our clients, a fundamentally bespoke approach
  • Quality – nothing but the best as perceived by our customers will satisfy us
  • Science – interventions based on a firm foundation of scientific principles
  • Value For Money – always working to secure for our clients an expected return on their investment
  • Challenge – never content with the status quo – always searching for advancement

PsychaLogica Orientation

  • Our emphasis is on innovation, creativity and new thinking to solve complex organisational problems.
  • We specialise in creating solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of our clients.
  • Our focus is upon people’s behaviour as the key business results driver.
  • The target is to create a win-win culture, where people choose to behave in a way that benefits both them, fellow employees and the company.
  • We look to engage with different stakeholder groups so as to build ownership, deep down commitment and sustainability.
  • Our interventions are designed around established scientific principles and theory including the following:
    • Human Factors
    • Applied Behaviour Analysis
    • Behavioural Reinforcement And Motivation Theory
    • Social Learning Theory
    • Goal Theory
    • Transactional Analysis
  • We build in quantitative and qualitative data analysis to determine results achieved, value added and return on investment.