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Our Services…

Assessments - Working with you to understand your needs

Assessing Your Culture

  • Focus on understanding your organisation’s “personality”
  • We get under the skin of the organisation to understand what drives behaviour
  • Activity includes interviews, observing work activity, review of data and systems
  • Report produced to drive action planning process
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Climate Surveys

  • Focus on understanding your organisation’s “mood”
  • We use online questionnaires
  • These can be custom designed
  • Produces statistical report and analysis
  • Work with organisation on implications - action planning
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Assessing specific problems

  • We can help you understand any performance issue you have
  • Our focus typically involves onsite data collection
  • Feedback via a report and / or presentation
  • Example assignments include:
  • Cross polarity risks, meter change programme
  • Human factors assessment of Tunnel Boring Machine
  • Accidents to members of the public – street excavations
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Interventions - Designing solutions to take you forward

Organisational Change Programmes

  • Focus on changing thinking and changing behaviour
  • Highly-interactive workshops
  • Follow-through process to promote transfer of learning
  • From top-teams to front line workforce
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Tackling Specific problems

  • Typically would follow-on from assessment activity
  • Wide-ranging solutions
  • Re-design systems / processes
  • Develop new skills